Machine of the month - Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCut HR

Laser Mechanisms’ FiberCut HR processing head delivers cutting-edge performance for flatbed systems up to 15+ kW. The cutting head features automatic, programmable focus with 25 mm of travel as well as robust, direct-cooled reflective optics that minimize focus shift. Its fully sealed, purged design minimizes the chance of internal contamination, and additionally, when cover glasses must be serviced, its sealed access doors prevent contamination.


Machine Advantages:

  • Direct-cooled reflective optics are insensitive to contamination
  • Internal sensors determine the condition of all optics, alerting operators to maintenance requirements
  • Internal process monitoring detects pierce-through and loss of cut, offering insight on process stability and consistency
  • The company’s patented height sense technology accounts for variations or warping in the material’s surface, helping operators achieve quality cutting results 
  • Standard nozzle cooling and air blast
  • No exposed wires near nozzle tip to snag or break



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