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Shop Floor Lasers is an e-magazine centered on turnkey laser systems. With an editorial mission to inform executives within fabrication shops, machine shops, stampers, OEMs and metal service centers, Shop Floor Lasers will publish practical, how-to information written by the top laser experts in the industry. This new publication will cover the range of laser-cutting, marking and welding technologies, including CO2, fiber, disk, YAG and diode lasers, plus the software and automation that make them productive.

July / August 2017 Issue


Light speed

Quick-turn laser shops produce quotes in hours and parts in days, but there’s more to the story than speed

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Get off the bottle

Tired of paying your monthly gas bills? DIY nitrogen might be the answer

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Mother Nature approved

Understanding the positive environmental impact of laser marking

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Proactive prevention

The (often) overlooked areas of preventive maintenance for laser cutters

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Meeting of materials

Whether it’s welding thick and thin materials together or welding dissimilar materials, lasers are equipped to tackle the job

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Master marksmanship

Laser engraving on firearms and tactical weapons includes serialization and customization

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Machine of the Month

The FiberCab FC series is Vytek's newest evolution of advanced, enclosed fiber laser cutting systems with power ranges from 500 W to 6 kW. They offer a level of performance and efficiency that is unprecedented for mid-level laser systems. The new FC series also has the smallest overall footprint in the industry with work areas starting at 2 ft. by 2 ft. through 6 ft. by 12 ft.

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Modern Abrasives & Deburring 

A new view on operator safety and productivity in the world of abrasives and deburring. Check out the special addition here in the July 2017 issue of Shop Floor Lasers.

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