January/February 2015 Issue: Titans of the Industy


Titans of the Industry

Without the trailblazers of the past, the industry wouldn’t be where it is today.

The Right Reform

Cincinnati Inc. has been making machine tools in southwest Ohio for more than 100 years. It’s one of only a few original equipment manufacturers in the United States, and it’s very good at what it does. And while business is good, says sales manager John Prevish, some things are out of his control.

The Cloud Advantage

When fabricators leverage cloud-based technology, costs per part can be significantly reduced.

 Focusing on the Facts

Since Albert Einstein established the theoretical foundation for lasers, they have gained increasing relevance in our everyday lives, being used in vital tools across many industries. A laser’s power and effectiveness, however, depends on its beam source and optics.

More Parts with Less Power

Wisconsin manufacturer hits a home run with fiber lasers from Mitsubishi.

Saving Fuel

Laser welding reduces weight and costs in transmission components.


Fire and Water

Fiber lasers and CNC fabricating: When a laser beam is in close proximity to the coolant required for a Swiss-style lathe, a collaboration in precision and productivity surprisingly ensues.

Two in One

Manufacturers reap big benefits when a laser and a plasma cutting system come together on one machine.

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