March/April 2015 Issue: The First Step In Laser Safety

The First Step

Initiating a laser safety program starts with identifying the laser hazard classifications associated with certain equipment

Managing Maintenance

Maintenance software pumps up productivity, lowers costs and eases audits

Direct Cutting

TeraDiode talks about its technology and how it can change the future of laser metal cutting

Before You Nest

Integrate CAD/CAM software with an ERP system with improved efficiency

Walking On Air

When a new fiber laser cuts with air assist gas, it also cuts operating costs

Front Lines

A new laser technology aimed at improving the live sports experience can also help the factory be safer and more efficient

Fiber Over CO2

Fiber lasers undercut the operating costs of C02 lasers

Laser Options, Manufacturing Choices

Single and double work cells afford production designers more options in job shops and large production department environments

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