May/June 2015 Issue - Titans of the Industry w/ Hypertherm's Dick Couch

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Titans of the Industry – Hypertherm’s Dick Couch

Dick Couch revolutionized plasma cutting while also building one of the most well-respected companies in the industry

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Triple threat

A new robot from ABB delivers speed, versatility and quality to the Big Three and beyond

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Materials making sense

Whitney tests exotic materials for customers to see if they are viable candidates to be fiber laser cut

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Proven for aerospace

Laser marking advancements make the grade for aerospace parts manufacturing

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Equipped for growth

A Wisconsin fabricator continues to grow with the help of new cutting and material-handling equipment

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Appointing a laser safety officer

Why it’s good to have an LSO monitoring your laser use and how to pick the best candidate

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Heads up

Manufacturers profit from preventing laser head crashes before they occur – instead of responding after they happen

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Service must-haves

When it comes to the potential purchase of laser equipment, the service and support offered should factor into the decision

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