March / April 2016 Issue

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Upswings For Downstream

Amada’s new fiber laser increases productivity and accuracy at higher cutting speeds

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The Art Of Manufacturing

A custom manufacturer sees new light thanks to reality TV and a Mazak CO2 laser machine

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Cutting Through the Smoke

Considerations when choosing the right dust and fume collector


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Electric Efficiency 

Improved technology positions electric motors as a smart choice over hydraulic systems for material handling


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How Lasers Work

The science nonfiction behind this most indispensable technology


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Capital Improvements For Less

The PATH Act, which Congress recently signed into law, ushers in fiscal advantages through depreciation and a now-permanent U.S. tax deduction


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Machine Of The Month

The Marubeni Citizen Cincom laser system L2000 is a 10-micron fiber optic system offering high-precision high-speed laser cutting.

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