May / June 2017 Issue




The future of CO2

Are CO2 lasers taking another step toward their much-anticipated demise?

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Direct benefits

Direct-diode laser technology offers edge quality comparable to CO2 and operating advantages similar to fiber

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Hybrid fabrication

Reducing the footprint and saving steps with a laser/punch machine with multi-tooling

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Collecting dust

Sizing your dust collector for fiber laser cutting applications

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Craftsmanship with a cause

A Maryland-based company brings a bigger laser into the job shop. Business soars; donations follow

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Crash course

Avoiding laser cutting head crashes

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Today’s laser welding

The latest fiber laser welding techniques for 3-D parts open up new product design possibilities

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Machine of the Month

IPG Photonics’ LaserCube flat bed cutter is optimized for cutting small parts with its innovative cutting head technology and available laser power – from 500 W to 4 kW, allowing customers to choose the cutting capacity they need

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May/June Issue of Sawing Productivity

Tackling tubular material, handling holesaws and managing miter cuts

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